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Spiro Landscapes create beautiful and easy-care landscapes.

We help minimize water use, improve wildlife habitat, save customers time and money.

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“Sustainable” describes a practice or product that meets present needs without compromising those of future generations. With every landscape we create and maintain, we commit to take a sustainable approach.

This means we manage the environmental impact of everything we do, including soil preparation, plant selection, product sourcing, pest and disease management, on and off-site practices, and more.

“Culture is not the trimming and turfing of gardens, but the showing (of) the true harmony of the unshorn landscape… the balance of land and sea.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson, Journals, 10/23/1837-

Spiro Landscapes is committed to the generation and stewardship of healthy, low input, resource rich landscapes. We specialize in ecologically sound design and sustainable development. We bring to life inspiring and restorative environments which integrate your vision and budget, while supporting beautiful and thriving ecosystems. Guided by our Eightfold Path of Principles and Practices, Spiro Landscapes creates functional landscapes of great value and beauty.

Some characteristics of sustainability in landscaping…

  • looks good & works well
  • supports our ecosystems services
  • uses an integrated design approach
  • follows a path of practices guided by principles
  • uses low inputs in construction & in maintenance
  • operates like nature without need for intervention

“A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stablility and beauty of the biotic community.” — Aldo Leopold